The Ever Changing Pawn Business

2020: What a Strange year.

2020 was a challenging year for a lot of small businesses. We had our bumps in the road but I'm proud of how our company has adapted to the changes. One of those changes has been our firearms business. We've always done a lot of firearms transactions, and stocked a lot new handguns. But over the past year, our inventory has at least doubled! So now we are well into 2021 and we're stocking more handguns, tons of new long guns, ammunition, and accessories. I'm having a blast with it, and it's been really great to meet all the new people stopping in to buy ammo or check out our new inventory for the day. 

Finding inventory has been challenging as well, but even that has been pretty fun for me. I've gotten to know our sales reps at various distributors, and I've learned a lot from them too.

The end result has been a larger selection, wider variety of inventory. And we're reaching and serving more people than I ever thought we would. And I keep hearing "This is the first pawn shop I've ever been to," Which is like music to my ears. So happy to be turning more folks into Pawn Shoppers!